5 Reasons You Need Regular Car Washes

As a Michigan car wash, we know a thing or too about harsh winters, bug-filled summers, and all seasons in between. Everyone loves the look of a freshly washed car, however there are more benefits to regular car washes than you might think.

Dirt Is Damaging!

Believe it or not, a dirty car can do more than just look bad. Over time, dirt left on a vehicle's surface can actually cause damage. Caked-on dirt can cause scratches across the vehicle's surface. Over time, these tiny scratches can turn into chips which can also turn into rust. 

With the hot summer months on the way, baked-on dirt and mud can also wear down the protective coating on the vehicle body which can fade the paint.

Greater Fuel Efficiency 

Did you know that a clean car is a more fuel-efficient car? Test have shown that a clean car may be up to 10% more fuel-efficient than a dirty car. Dirt creates drag which in turn burns more fuel. 

Clean Cars Are Safer!

As a Michigan car wash, we've seen frost-covered windows, bug-splattered windshields, and more. Anything that obstructs the view of the driver can create an unsafe driving environment. RainX has been shown to increase response time in adverse conditions by as much as a full second. That's FOUR car lengths! Keep it clean, keep it safe!

Lower Maintenance Costs

A clean car is a more efficient car. From the underbody to the windshield: a clean car is part of a well-maintained car. Dirt, mud, and grime can build-up on vehicle components which over time can cause them to wear down. A clean car can help extend the life of the vehicle as well as improve performance.

It Looks Great!

Having a clean, fresh-looking car is a great feeling! Whether you're on your way to an important meeting, a first date, or anywhere else: who wouldn't rather pull up in a clean, freshly washed car?


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