Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Wash

Q: How Do I Start The Wash?

After your wash has been purchased, the payment terminal will let you know when you are ready to enter. The front door will open and the machine inside will have green lights on that indicate it is time to drive forward. Please remain in your vehicle always and drive straight. There are guiderails on the floor to help line your vehicle up properly. Please note: vehicles that are out of position may have their wash ended prematurely by the machine as a safety precaution. There is a pressure plate in the ground called a “treadle plate.” This is essentially a big button that starts the wash. When driving forward, place your front wheel on the plate. A horn will sound and the wash will start. Place your car in park and do not drive off the plate until the machine has stopped moving, the dryers turn on, and the machine is flashing the green “drive forward” light.

Q: How Do I Dry My Vehicle?

The dryers are located near the exit door of the car wash bay. When your wash has completed, you will hear the dryers turn on and the machine will flash a green “drive forward” light. Drive slowly through the dryers, making note of the digital clock outside the exit door which counts down the drying time.

Q: How Do I use My Wash Code?

If you have received a 6-digit wash code, select the “Enter Wash Code” option from the main menu screen. This will bring up a keypad. Enter in your 6-digit code and your wash will load.

Q: How Do I use My Coupon Code?

If you have received a 4-digit coupon code, it must be entered BEFORE purchasing a wash. Select the “redeem coupon” option at the main menu screen. This will bring up a keypad. Enter the 4-digit coupon code on the keypad. Once entered, purchase a wash as you would normally and your discount will be applied.

Q: My Coupon Code Isn’t Working!

Make sure you are selecting the “Redeem Coupon” option at the main menu and not the “Enter Wash Code” option. If you are still experiencing trouble, please email

Q: What is the Early Bird / Night Owl Special?

Our night owl and early bird special applies to our Kalamazoo, Michigan car wash locations. Between the hours of 7pm and 9am, our top 3 washes are discounted to a special promotional rate. Prices during these special promotional hours may not be combined with any other offer, discount, award, or promotion.

Q: Can I use My Coupon Code During The Early Bird / Night Owl Special?

Coupon Codes may still be used during the Night Owl / Early Bird Special hours (7pm-9am). However, the two promotions cannot be combined. Coupon codes redeemed during this time will be applied to the normal retail price. In most cases, you will be better off saving your coupon code for another time and taking advantage of the Early Bird / Night Owl pricing.

VIP Clubs

Q: What is the VIP Club?

Our VIP Club is a great way to save more on the washes you love. For a set monthly recurring fee, your chosen club level entitles you to a certain number or car washes in each billing cycle. Washes are tracked with an RFID sticker that attaches to the vehicle windshield and is read automatically at the payment terminal. Club memberships are billed monthly on a recurring basis. For more information, visit our VIP page.

Q: How Do I Sign Up For The VIP Club?

You may sign up for our VIP Club at the payment terminal of any of our Michigan car wash locations. You may also sign up online by visiting our VIP page.

Q: Can I use more than one vehicle with my VIP membership?

VIP Memberships are unique to the vehicle that signs up. Two or more vehicles cannot share one membership. However, we do offer a multi-vehicle discount for club members who sign up an additional vehicle. The second vehicle must sign up for their own monthly plan; however, that plan will be discounted $5 off the regular club price.

Q: Can I pause my VIP Club Membership?

If you are an active VIP club member and would like to temporarily suspend your membership, please contact and let us know. Club memberships may be suspended for up to 90 days. When you are ready to resume your membership, just let us know and we’ll switch it back on for you! If you are a member of our grand-fathered VIP program, once your account is suspended, the account may not be re-opened in the Grand-Fathered rate plan.

Q: Can I Use a VIP Club for my company fleet?

If you are interested in fleet service options, please contact our Fleet Services Department to hear more about how a Fleet Account with Xtreme Clean Auto Wash can keep your company vehicles clean and hassle-free!

Fleet Accounts

Q: Does Xtreme Clean Auto Wash offer Company Fleet Accounts?

Yes, we do! Please contact our Fleet Services Department to learn more. A fleet account with Xtreme Clean Auto Wash ensures your company vehicles aren’t dragging your name through the mud! We offer 24/7 accessibility, easy invoicing, RFID tracking, and more.

Car Wash Features

Q: Is it safe to take my vehicle through the car wash?

Xtreme Clean Auto wash prides itself on delivering a safe wash experience for all types of vehicles. However, there are some vehicles we cannot wash. Please visit our Restricted Vehicle List for more information. If you have additional questions, please contact us at

Q: Will the brushes scratch my vehicle?

The brushes used by Xtreme Clean Auto Wash are a patented, closed-cell foam. Unlike older style car wash brushes, these foam brushes do not absorb water, dirt, dust, grime, grit, or other particulates. The result is a brush experience that is as smooth as it is gentle. In fact, when spinning at top speed, our brushes will not even crack a normal egg!

Q: What is Pre-Soak?

The pre-soak used by Xtreme Clean Auto Wash is a standard feature on all touchless washes as well as our upgraded Signature Wash Package. The pre-soak utilizes low and high pH chemicals which gently loosen dirt, grime, and organic matter (such as dead bugs). This is necessary on touchless washes where brushes are not scrubbing the vehicle.

Q: Which is Better: Soft Touch or Touchless?

It really is a matter of preference and comfort. All our wash packages are available as either Soft Touch or Touchless washes, with a few exceptions. Shine Shield and Signature Wash Upgrades require the use of brushes so they are not available as strictly touchless washes. Some customers prefer a touchless experience, however there are cases where we would recommend a soft touch wash:

  • If your vehicle is particularly dirty and may require the friction scrubbing action that a soft touch wash delivers

  • Black or dark-colored vehicles which are notoriously difficult to keep clean.

However, there are also cases where a touchless wash may be a better option:

  • If your vehicle has a lot of dead bugs on the windshield or front grill/bumper area

  • If your neighborhood birds have recently taken out their aggression on your vehicle

  • If either of the above have been sitting on the vehicle for an extended period, especially during hot weather.

Dirt, dead bugs, and any common vehicle stain should be removed quickly. Failure to do so can result in damage to the vehicle’s paint job or protective coating. These items can also be “baked” onto the vehicle surface during the hot summer months. The pre-soak used during our touchless washes and our Signature Wash works to loosen and deteriorate these stains for easier cleaning and removal.

Q: What is the Signature Wash Package?

Our Signature Wash Package is available as an upgrade to our Xtreme-level Wash. This package combines the best features of our top touchless and soft touch washes and includes the Shine Shield upgrade as well. The Signature Wash package contains soft touch AND touchless wash features and is NOT available as an exclusively touchless wash. Please note: because the Signature Wash Package includes all of our best features, it is a little longer than our other washes.

Q: What is the Shine Shield Upgrade?

Shine Shield is an acrylic polymer which fills in microscopic indentations found on the vehicle surface. It requires brushes to apply and is available as an upgrade on soft touch washes or as part of the Signature Wash Package. For best results, select this upgrade at least twice a month.

Customer Service

Q: I need to reach the customer service department

Please browse this FAQ for answers to common wash-related questions. If you require further assistance, or for any other questions, comments, or concerns; please contact customer service via email at