Xtreme Clean's Fleet Program

*Our base retail wash packages below offer a variety of options to suit your needs 

Fleet accounts give flexibility with discounts based on the # of vehicles and annual purchase estimates

24/7 access to any of our locations

  • Whether you start your work day early or finish late, Xtreme Clean is open 24/7
  • Easy RFID Tracking and Invoicing 

    • Easy access for your fleet, no payment required at the time of wash
  • Monthly Tracking/Invoicing 

    • No more sharing a company cards or saving receipts. Out system tracks your washes and invoices monthly. Whether it's 10 or 100 washes, you will receive one bill
  • Pay In advance 

    • Optional pay-up-front packaging lets you select the number of washes  you need. Additional savings are applied for fleet accounts that pay for 50 or more washes.