Xtreme Clean offers four standard wash levels to meet your needs. But it doesn't end there, our state of the art technology allows each customer to customize each wash to their liking. Choose between touchless and soft-touch, add on ShineShield--the only of it's kind in the country--or enjoy our Xtreme Wash with all the bells and whistles. 

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Soft Touch

Although most dishes can get clean in the dishwasher, sometimes friction is the only way to get the dishes clean. It's the same when cleaning your vehicle. 

We use a patented SofTecs® closed cell foam material so that the brushes are not transferring dirt and scratching your vehicle. Our brushes safely clean and polish vehicles while minimizing the electricity, water and chemicals consumed. 

The Soft Touch option also gives the customer the option for the ShineShield upgrade. ShineShield uses an acrylic polymer to fill in the microscopic indentations in your vehicles surface to repair, restore, and protect your vehicles surface. The effects are enhanced with every use. 



A Touchless Car wash works just like a dishwasher. The quality of the wash is a function of 4 key aspects: Temperature, Water Hardness, Chemicals, & Impingement. These four functions combined with the HubScrub, TireShine, and Rain-X options allow us to wash a vehicle like no one else. 


Our water and our soaps are heated between 100- 130 degrees to maximize the effectiveness. 

Water Hardness

All of our water is softened below 17ppm so that the only thing in the water is the dirt leaving your vehicle. 


We use low and high pH presoaks so that we wash the dirt as well as the oils and grease and organic material on your vehicle.

Impingement (Impact)

Our wash uses 28 zero degree turbo nozzles with a boom that contours each vehicle for maximum clean. 


Premium Features

Xtreme Clean is committed to staying on the leading edge of technology. In 2013 we introduced Choice Wash at all of our locations to give customers the option between SoftTouch and Touchless wash. We are also the first car wash in the country to offer the ShineShield technology.


A premium wax designed to repel dirt and keep your car cleaner longer.


Our Choice Wash feature caters to both preferences, Touchless and SoftTouch.

You can't have a clean car with dirty tires. Tire Shine applies a glossy black finish that lasts.

Uses an acrylic polymer to fill in the microscopic indentations found on your vehicle's surface.

Scrubs each wheel to effectively remove brake dust and road grime.

Utilizes RFID technology to allow VIP customers access to all Xtreme Clean locations for a monthly fee.