Flying Insects Can Bug Your Car More Than You Think

It's summer which means barbecues, cookouts, days at the lake, and of course: dead bugs on the car. YUCK! No one likes to see these unsightly critters clinging to your grill, fender, or windshield. It's certainly a nuisance and an eyesore. However, it may be worse than you think.

Bugs Are Acidic

Many bugs, including flying insects, have acidic bodies. This means that when they're squashed, the acidic compounds inside of them become splattered onto the vehicle's surface. In some cases, this can immediately begin to degrade automobile paint. 

In other cases, the damage occurs over time. For example: Lovebugs have a neutral pH level. This means if they're squashed, the result is basically water. However, as the body begins to decay, the pH level rises to about 4.25 within 24 hours. 

That level of acidity is somewhere between lemon juice and black coffee!


You certainly wouldn't pour black coffee or lemon juice on your vehicle, right? At least, we hope not!

What Can You Do?

There are numerous bug removing products that can be purchased at any auto parts store. These products are typically pre-treatments which are sprayed onto the affected areas and allowed to sit for a period of time before washing off. 

Of course, there is another way. 


Xtreme Clean Auto Wash's new Bug Buster Package is designed specifically to remove those unwated and unsightly bugs from your vehicle. The Bug Buster package is available as an upgrade to our Standard and Premium Soft Touch washes as well as on our Signature Wash Package.

How Does It Work?

A powerful presoak is dispensed onto the vehicle. This presoak immediately starts to dissolve and loosen  dead bugs, bird mess, and anything organic which is attached to the vehicle.


As you can observe in the 6-part image series above: once the presoak makes contact with the affected area, it immediately begins to loosen and dissolve the organic matter. Add a little high-pressure rinsing and some brush scrubbing action and those unsightly bugs and bird mess are a problem no more! 

Ongoing Prevention

During the hot summer months, dead bugs and bird mess are a fact of life and it's hard to avoid. However, regular washes can minimize acidic damage while keeping your car looking bright and shiny! 

Regular washing with clear coat protectant and/or RainX can also add an extra layer of protection between your vehicle's surface and outside elements. This helps to prevent dead bugs from becoming too attached to the vehicle in the first place and makes cleaning easier.

For more information, visit or email us at to find out more about our Bug Buster Package or any of our wash programs.