RainX: How Does That Work?

Everyone knows that Rain-X is a great product for your vehicle. But do you know why? Here are a few frequently asked questions about this amazing product and why it's a great feature to use for your next car wash.

1. How Long Does Rain-X Last?

The first question is probably the most difficult to answer because it depends on a number of factors, primarily weather. Rain-X helps to repel water and other particulates from your vehicle while at the same time increasing visibility. Excessive rain or snow will decrease the effective time of the application.

As a general rule, when applied in a car wash setting, Rain-X may be effective for up to two weeks before you start to see less "beading" on the windshield and body. Repeated applications during this time will enhance and extend the effectiveness of the application.

2. What Is Rain-X Made Of?

Rain-X is comprised of a hydrophobic silicon polymer. The "hydrophobic" part is what causes the noticeable Rain-X "beading" of water on the windshield. 

3. Does Rain-X Repel Dirt or Dust?

Rain-X is not designed to repel dirt or dust. However, in practical use it has been shown to deter some of these elements. Most likely this is due to the hydrophobic nature of the product. If there is moisture in the dirt it may provide some level of effectiveness.

4. Is Rain-X A Wax?

In practice, Rain-X may behave similarly to a wax. In fact, some skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts have been known to apply Rain-X to their boards and skis to help navigate sticky, wet snow environments. However, Rain-X is not technically a "wax."

5. Does Rain-X Really Help Improve Visibility? 

In a major university study, Rain-X was shown to enhance visibility and improve response time by as much as a full-second or more. At highway speeds this may translate to as many as four car lengths worth of extra stopping distance.

When To Use?

Rain-X may be used whenever you wash your vehicle. An application of at least 1x per week will help replenish the coverage and keep your vehicle treated. For maximum protection, use Rain-X whenever you wash.

Rain-X is available on all Xtreme level washes at Xtreme Clean or as part of our Signature Wash Upgrade.