5 Reasons To Keep Your Car Washed In The Summer

Summertime is almost here. That means trips to the zoo, park, lake, and more. Of course, during this time, your car can take a beating! Keeping your car clean during the summer is a must for anyone looking to extend the life of their vehicle as well as maintain a healthy appearance.

Here are the Top 5 reasons to keep your car washed this summer.

1. Keep The Dirt Away!

Summertime means dirt, mud, and sand. It can be awesome to play in, but can spell disaster for your car's appearance. Mud and dirt can sometimes carry unwelcome particles which can damage the vehicle's body or paint. 

This is especially true if mud is allowed to "bake on" during the hot Michigan summers. Over time, dried mud, dirt, and sand can cause premature wear to the vehicle body and paint job. Clean it up!

2. No Fun in The Sun

We all love the summertime sun. Your vehicle? Not so much. Intense heat and direct sunlight can prematurely age vehicles. This is especially true of bugs, mud, or bird mess "bakes" onto the vehicle surface. Over time, this can wear the paint down and cause fading. If the vehicle has small blemishes already (microscopic cracks in the surface, for example), intense heat can exacerbate it.

3. Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

One of the most difficult part of keeping your car clean in the summer is the presence of those pesky bugs. Your grill, bumper, and windshield never seem to be safe! Beyond just looking "bleh!" over time, dead bugs can actually start to damage your vehicle. As they decay, they can cause blemishes and fading to your paint or body's surface. 

4. Pollen, Pollen Go Away!

Allergy sufferers, we know we're preaching to the choir on this one! For many of us, pollen and other allergens is the WORST part of summertime. However, did you know that pollen can actually damage your vehicle?


When examined up close, you can see that pollen actually has tiny little "thorns" all over it. These "thorns" are what causes pollen to "stick" to your car. They can also cause tiny scratches in the vehicle's surface. These scratches are not necessarily visible to the naked eye, but over time can cause a problem. Clean it off! 

5. More Rain = More Problems

There's something magical about a Michigan rainfall in the summertime. However, extra rain can bring extra problems for your vehicle. Acidic rain can cause damage to vehicles over time. Rain can also bring pollutants and particulates that can leave spots or stains on the vehicle surface. 

Sure, few people bother to wash their car in the rain. However, washing your car the day AFTER a rainfall can help flush away any harmful elements that mother nature may have brought!

What To Do?

Washing your car in the summer is a solid plan for anyone looking to extend the life of their vehicle, avoid costly paint work, and keep their vehicle looking fresh and clean! So make plans to stop by one of our Xtreme Clean locations this summer and keep your car in top shape this season!