Wash Information 

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Soft Touch (With Brushes)

Although most dishes can get clean in the dishwasher, sometimes friction is the only way to get the dishes clean. It's the same when cleaning your vehicle.

We use a patented SofTecs® closed cell foam material so that the brushes are not transferring dirt and scratching your vehicle. Our brushes safely clean and polish vehicles while minimizing the electricity, water and chemicals consumed.

The Soft Touch option also gives the customer the option for the ShineShield upgrade. ShineShield uses an acrylic polymer to fill in the microscopic indentations in your vehicles surface to repair, restore, and protect your vehicles surface. The effects are enhanced with every use.

Touchless (No Brushes)

A Touchless Car wash works just like a dishwasher. The quality of the wash is a function of 4 key aspects: Temperature, Water Hardness, Chemicals, & Impingement. These four functions combined with the HubScrub, TireShine, and Rain-X options allow us to wash a vehicle like no one else.


Our water and our soaps are heated between 100- 130 degrees to maximize the effectiveness.

Water Hardness

All of our water is softened below 17ppm so that the only thing in the water is the dirt leaving your vehicle.


We use low and high pH presoaks so that we wash the dirt as well as the oils and grease and organic material on your vehicle.

Impingement (Impact)

Our wash uses 28 zero degree turbo nozzles with a boom that contours each vehicle for maximum clean.

There is Still Soap on my car

This can be caused by luggage racks, rear louvers, and trim pieces on the vehicle. It may appear to be soap but it is often a byproduct of the waxing agent that is agitated through the drying process.

We have eliminated most of these problems with the addition of Hypertilt, Spot Free Rinse and a Velocity Wax pass that neutralizes any chemical left on the vehicle. For more info please Click Here.

How do I know if my vehicle can be washed at your facility

We have taken extreme care to provide the best summary possible for things that we look for as well as things that you should be aware of and we have inlcuded them in a very informative list format. Please click here to learn more about our vehicle washing guidelines.

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