Membership FAQ

The perfect club for frequent washers. 

I would like to join the VIP Club, how does that work?

The VIP Club is a recurring monthly club offering different wash packages with specific quantities of washes, at a discounted rate. A credit card is automatically charged each month for your membership.

Join the VIP club and find out more information by visiting our VIP Website.

How do I schedule a pass installation?

The Xtreme Pass installation process is very simple. Please book your pass installation appointment based on your location below.

If you need to update or cancel the appointment, you can do so through your email confirmation.

Traverse City


How do I Update my membership?

In order to change, suspend, reactivate or cancel your membership, please fill out the Membership Help Request Form.

In order to reactivate a membership, you must have your Xtreme Pass affixed to your windshield or make an appointment based on location.

Traverse City


If you wish to cancel or suspend your membership, you must notify at least 7 days prior to your next billing date.

I’m a current VIP Club member and my tag will not read.

As with any technology, there are “glitches” now and then. Here are a few typical reasons your RFID tag doesn’t work:

Ideally, your tag will have a “read” of 200 or better. If you consistently have low reads, you may need a replacement tag. Please submit a Membership Help Request Form and we will be happy to arrange a tag replacement for you.

Your account may be in the “Declined” status. This simply means at the last time of your monthly payment, the charge did not go through. Your Credit Card information may need to be updated or there were insufficient funds in your banking account for payment.

You may have exceeded your monthly wash limit. The amount of washes used will print on your receipt. If you've used all the washes allotted for the month, you will need to pay retail for your wash, or wait until your next renewal date for your VIP membership.

If you have washes left on your membership and you had to pay for a wash. Please fill out the Contact Support Form for a refund.

I purchased the VIP Club and I can't get it to work.

Please make sure you have completed the signup process by going to and filling out the registration form.

Have you had an RFID tag installed? If not, please see How to schedule a RFID Tag install above.

Does Xtreme Clean Auto wash offer Fleet Accounts?

Xtreme Clean Auto Wash can take care of your Fleet Service requests and has flexible options that can be customized to your business.

Please fill our our Fleet Account Application for more information regarding our Fleet Programs.

To add another vehicle to your Fleet, please fill out Additional Vehicle Form

How Do I Add An Additional Vehicle to My Account?

To add another vehicle to your VIP membership account, please fill out Additional Vehicle Form

Still need help?  Contact Support