The Millers

The Millers have operated a family business for four generations. Historically focused on Oil & Gas exploration, Kelly helped to take the family company public in 1998. In 2003, the public company merged with Edge Petroleum. Kelly and his sons, Adam and Chad, expanded into commercial real estate development and an owner and operator position in several other businesses. Generations of successful and strategic partnerships have allowed the Miller family to participate in the exploration, development, and management of projects all over the world. 



The Buttlemans

Corbin Buttleman took a love for cars and a long-standing relationship with Meijer and proposed the Xtreme Clean concept to the Miller family in 2003. Since its’ opening in 2004, both families have worked together to incorporate cutting-edge technology, equipment and systems to build a brand that would warrant space in front of every Meijer location. The second phase of the process was realized in 2013 with the opening of five locations in the Kalamazoo market.