Clean water project in Bensa, Ethiopia Complete!

Thanks to YOU and our partners at Lifewater International, we have provided a new Spring System for the village of Fardano Huleti!

The project was competed May 30, 2019, and provides clean water to 50 families - a total of 249 people! Below are several stories of people within the community whose lives have been changed through your support.

Thank you,

From all of us at Xtreme Clean Auto Wash

To find out more about this project, visit Lifewater International.

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Justine of Uganda -

You are helping provide opportunity for mothers like Justine in Uganda.

Justine’s day used to begin with a three-hour journey to gather water from a far off well. When she would arrive, she would find long lines and had to wait for hours before hauling two 40-pound containers back home along a burdensome path.

Today, thanks to the support from our customers and Lifewater International, Justine has a new well near her home that provides plentiful water. Now, she begins her day by caring for her children and taking them to the local primary school where she now works as a teacher! Her family has also begun raising livestock for supplemental income, and she even has time to share God’s love with her neighbors.


Megene of Ethiopia -

Meet Megene, a local Ethiopian woman and mother of five young children. Before her village became healthy, they were exposed to painful, debilitating bouts of sickness. Megene’s family spent 2400 birr ($87 USD) each year on medical treatment for her five children. For a family making less than $2 a day, the cost is nearly unbearable.

Through the help of Xtreme Clean’s faithful customers and Lifewater International, Megene no longer drinks contaminated water.

“Now, I am free from feeling of shame, disgust, and fear,” she said.

Magene is not some abstract mother from Ethiopia. She and her family are very real and because of generous partners like you they will have access to clean water, improved health, and hope for the future. These practices create a healthier, more hopeful future that allows people to thrive and spend time doing the things that matter most.

“Now, I am free from feeling of shame, disgust, and fear.”
— Megene

Families of Fardano Huleti -

With the help of our wonderful customers and our partnership with Lifewater International, Xtreme Clean has recently been able to provide a clean water source for 50 families of Fardano Huleti, a small village in Ethiopia.

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